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Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 ° invention 1 piece platinum

https://www.highluxurystore.com/images/Greubel%20Forsey%20invention-piece-1-platinum%20watch.jpg 3. Babylonian rotating swiss replica watches mechanism for 24 seconds
The third invention, the 24 second tourbillon, is based on the rapid rotation speed to solve the problem of the key position of the oscillator and gravity. The 25° Angle and rapid changes in tourbillon position significantly improve the timing performance of systems using only one tourbillon, especially at stable positions.

4. Balancier screw Binome
To overcome the considerable mechanical constraints imposed by this system, it is necessary to develop an inclined drive and an ultralight tourbillon cage. To improve the balance and the interaction between the balance springs, Greubel Forsey explored the solution of using the same material on both elements. The patented invention is based on the use of a non-magnetic material that is unaffected by temperature changes to enable balances and balance springs to have these properties. The working prototype of synthetic diamond proves the effectiveness of this method, which lays a foundation for the research of other materials.
5. Differentiel d 'Egalite
Greubel Forsey's fake watches uk fifth invention transfers constant energy from the main spring tube to the regulator. The basis of the differential d 'egalite is a spherical differential which receives energy from the main spring tube and releases it at a constant amount to the regulating mechanism. To achieve this constant energy flow, the main spring bucket provides a secondary spring that rewinds every 5 seconds. The spring close to the regulating device ensures the uniform transmission of energy, eliminates the torque change caused by the constant change of the wind state of the main spring, and corrects the torque change caused by the gear transmission.

At grubel fauci, Robert grubel is a creative watchmaker. His initial creative impulse, which he fine-tunes with colleagues every day, rarely considers feasibility studies or follows any marketing rules. This energy motivates each colleague to create tools and propose solutions that make projects possible.
At Baselworld, Greubel Forsey demonstrated his third invention, the 24-second tourbillon tilt, which is still in the initial experimental phase of the patent movement, with the biggest advantage coming from the rapid rotation of a tilted tourbillon cage. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have teamed up with independent watchmakers Philippe Dufour, Vianney Halter and Kari Voutilainen to form the Time Aeon Alliance, which aims to support, promote and develop the highest levels of watchmaking.

6. Double Balancier
In their sixth invention, Greubel Forsey (greubel forsey replica)explored a new method for obtaining average timing rates at stable positions. In a double balancer, two oscillators are aligned at precisely predetermined angles along two different axes. Due to the combination of spherical aberration and balance Angle, the system helps to minimize the influence of gravity and maximize timing accuracy.

7. Solve QP a equation by mechanical computer
Grubel fauci's seventh invention was a mechanical computer for their perpetual calendar watch. The mechanical computer redefined some of the functions of the historical chronometer. It was specifically developed for the Quantieme pettle equation from the outset, for managing the date display and time equations. It includes a set of coaxially mounted coding wheels with removable segments. Depending on their speed of rotation and number of teeth, these wheels provide various information (30/31-day months and leap years [February 28/29 days]). The mechanical computer does not need any traditional calendar corrector, and can quickly and simply correct the display through the knob. It drives directly a sapphire disk system that displays the equation of time, the difference between "real" solar time and civilian time. Adjustable in both directions, no risk of damage. It is easy to go back or forward in time to know the date corresponding to a particular date. The new invention consists of 25 components and is the subject of three new patents.

Grubel fossey --greubel forsey double tourbillon 30° technique studio
Located at La chaux-de-fonds in the heart of the Jura mountains in Switzerland, the Greubel Forsey workshop perfectly embodies the brand's dual commitment to tradition and breakthrough innovation. The first is the farmhouse, a gorgeous 17th-century country building that has been painstakingly restored.

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