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Marcel Haas
   The way I am built with a longer upper body,  typically sweats or athletic pants are always too long.  I'm 5 foot 9 and have about a 28.5 inseam.  At first I thought these pants would be way too long,  but first thing I did was wash then in warm water,  dry,  then wash again.  Now they are just slightly long and should be perfect after a few more washes.  I thought from other reviews the elastic would cut into me,  but I found it to be extremely comfortable and keeps the pants up very well,  these are my favorite athletic pants to date and I've tried many.  After package arrived I washed and wore immediately,  liked them so much I went on amazon and bought 6 more due to in past when I found some I liked,  next time I went to buy them they were no longer available,  so now I stock up. Quality is above average and the elastic is coated I would say,  doesn't feel rough.
Anna Kontara
   Pretty good product, not anything terribly exquisite but it does what I needed it too it kept me warm during that in between fall and winter stage while I was biking. Now it's nice enough to wear shorts so meh
Chadrick Dohrman
   This is a great package deal..
Arvin Micarsus Pastorete
   My husband very likes this shoes.
Irma Flores
   The soundtrack is great.  Filled with songs!  I always like hearing the music before I go to the show.  Now I cannot wait until July to see the BOYS!
Scott Hancock
   Pregnancy tests! I laughed like some sort of asthmatic hyena until I cried and my abs cramped! This is hysterical, relatable, and totally a book you don't want to put down.

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