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10 Methods To Maintain Your Healthy Weight

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Saw the live musical and this was just as good if not better with more time to get a closer personal look at the characters. Would highly recommend.
   Pavel Raz
I am a plus-size woman these days, but I find women's shorts of this type overly large through abdomen as well as in the butt. I came back to men's for a recent purchase. Got Hanes and Russell at same time; I much prefer the Hanes -- less bulky, a bit shorter in leg, and very nice feel to the fabric. The Camo Green are 50/50 cotton and poly, and though I'd rather have all cotton, I'm satisfied. Just ordered another pair of green and one navy. Just right for me all around.
   Melvin Pangilinan
Fits the mattress good.
   Nunzio Volantini
They fit my 5" mini crib mattress perfectly.  Thank you,
   Brooke Hogsden
Super soft, stretchy, cozy. I love them. Very white. It's like wearing the softest t-shirt. Works amazing on our brand new King Original Purple mattress.
   Jessica Wegener

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