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After Fractional Laser Creams

After Fractional Laser Creams

Creams after fractional laser and how to pay attention to the skin after laser hair removal, usually women tend to get married to the work of Fraxnal laser sessions, has emerged a lot of modern techniques have become an important means to treat all skin problems.

Laser is an effective and quick treatment to solve the problems of the skin and get the best results, but the post-laser stage is an important stage that is no less important than the work of the laser itself, so there are some things that must be followed after the fractional laser and attention to the skin in the appropriate way.

The benefits of creams after laser fractal
Usually the doctor prescribes the appropriate creams for the skin after the use of fractional laser, and this is determined by the problem that has been treated and also the technique of laser used, and the doctor puts the creams appropriate for the skin after the laser session, it is also recommended to apply moisturizing creams after the laser, which are intended for sensitive skin Because the skin in this period is usually more dry and sensitive before, it is recommended to apply moisturizing cream two to three times a day or as needed.

Creams after fractional laser and its importance
Creams after fractional laser and its importance

The best creams after fractional laser

1_ One of the wonderful creams that can be used after the Fractal Session is mibo cream , it helps in the regeneration of skin cells and works to moisturize, it also helps in improving the external shape of the skin.

2_ As for the second type of creams is Panthenol cream , is also considered moisturizing cream Panthenol is one of the best creams that can be used after Frachnal laser, because Panthenol cream moisturizing creams that help absorb moisture in the atmosphere and work to preserve the water in the skin, It helps in not dehydration, as it is a good helper in the process of wound healing and regeneration of skin cells.

The importance of sunscreen
We find that the skin is much thinner after the laser session, so it is very important that we use sunscreens to protect the skin from exposure, these creams protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, which have a very high protection, and when you choose sunscreen You should make sure that it contains zinc oxide, as well as the sun protection ratio should be from 30 to more, and you must follow the instructions on the package.

You could put cosmetics after laser
There are some things you should know, the treatment of laser skin peeling may be possible to put some cosmetics that suit your skin, but you must wait until these treatment areas heal to hide the pink or red color on the skin, which is the result of peeling the skin, as it is recommended to use cosmetics Oil-free cosmetics after laser peeling.

Skin Care Tips After Fractional Laser
1_ you should use pure water, and is not used tap water on the skin immediately after the laser Frachnal for 24 hours, and should not use hot water for a large period so as not to be caused by the appearance of black spots on the skin.

2_ you have to massage the black spots that appear on the face as a result of laser gently, but if you would like to peel them, you should follow the instructions of the specialist doctor.

3_ It is also possible that you use ice packs and also soothing lotion for the skin, these things help to reduce the redness and puffiness that is caused by lasers.

4_ You have to avoid going out during the day, but if it must be out, you must put the sunscreen, which is prescribed by your physician for your skin type so as not to damage the skin from exposure to sunlight.

5_ You also have to stay away from anything that worries you and leave you, and you should stay away from fatigue and effort, especially in the two days after the work of laser fractal so as not to affect your freshness.

6_ You also have to eat some health foods that work to help the skin in alleviating and relieve pain.

7_ You also have to stop the use of cosmetics on your skin, especially or two days of the work of fractal laser, and you also have to use cosmetics less than usual in the first week after the session.

8_ Consult your doctor if your skin has any changes in the structure of the skin, and you should not put any creams or even blends without the knowledge of the doctor, these things can lead to the appearance of black spots on the skin, which needs a lot of time to hide and get rid of again .

After Fractional Laser Creams
After Fractional Laser Creams

Types of fractional laser
To date, only two types of fractal lasers have emerged. The first type, known as fraxel, is found on the surface layers of the skin and cannot penetrate deeper layers of the skin. It is also a good processor for fine lines that appear in the face and from simple wrinkles.

As for the second type, it is known as fractional laser CO2, that type depends on the technique of fractal, but is added to some microscopic surface peeling technology CO2 laser, which gives the fractional laser that great benefit.

Fractional CO2 lasers can penetrate deep layers of skin, and in this way, complex skin problems such as deep wounds and wrinkles have been resolved.

Although fractal lasers are a great technique, the result varies from person to person, depending on the nature, color and intensity of the skin.

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