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Kelly Berg
   The 3-pack of garden gloves really are a great buy.  They last long and after washing were just like new.
Mustapha Salim
   Great replacement to original Equipment. The internal Pice Does not have the metal insert as the latest OEM model. but it fits correctly.
Rob Cantwell
   My husband raves about these pants, says they are super comfy.
Frances Piotrowski
   Take the through research of a Stephen Ambrose, the writing talent of a Herman Wouk, and the mystery skills of a John Le Carre and you can see why The Jersey Brothers rates a 5 star review!  This book is an engrossing story of 3 brothers, all serving in World War II--one on the USS Enterprise, one a prisoner of war in the Philippines and the last brother a key member of FDR's Map Room from which the President plotted the course of the war.  Ms. Freeman, the author, had heard stories about these three brothers (one of whom was her father) from an early age, but there were elements of the story that were not known or discussed. Thus began a 10 year journey to uncover the truth of her uncle's life as a prisoner of war.  Amidst this personal story, Ms. Freeman has done a magnificent job in fleshing out the war in the Pacific and how the three brothers sought to look out for one another. The writing is fast paced, while not scanting on the factual elements of battle.  The book is a real page turner as the reader wants to learn what happened to the brothers. The net result is a well documented story of the human side of war.  This book is a must read for all generations.
Stephen Schoenberg
   We enjoyed the movie very much.

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